Here are some of my favorites.

Walter Robinson

Walter is my studio mate and the hardest working man in the art business. I love his work ethic and his art!

Justin Godar

Justin is my other studio mate and a wonderful furniture maker. I have commissioned him to make several things for me and he has done excellent work for other people I know. Check his stuff out.

Studio Phocasso

Making good art is hard enough. Documenting it well is an art. John Wilson White of Phocasso Studios has been photographing my artwork since 1986. He's the best! Most of the images you see on the website have been shot by John, including the one at the top of the page.

Catharine Clark Gallery

Established in 1991, Catharine Clark Gallery presents the work of contemporary artists. A wide range of media is represented in the gallery program with an emphasis on content driven work that challenges both the traditional use of materials and formal aesthetics. It is the only San Francisco gallery to date with a video project room.

Charlie James Gallery

Charlie James Gallery formed in Seattle, WA and had its debut in Chinatown, downtown Los Angeles in November of 2008. The gallery exhibits emerging and mid-career artists with post-Pop, Conceptual areas of focus.  Housed in a 1947 Chinatown manufacturing building the gallery is situated amidst numerous other contemporary art galleries of strong reputation.


Pandora is streaming Internet radio. Create up to 100 personalized "radio stations" that only play the music you want. It also has the ability to turn you on to new artists and songs you may not have been aware of. In a word, it's awesome. Check it out--it changed my life.


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